Roundhill Investments Launches Sports Betting & iGaming ETF, Advise Video Games Investment

Roundhill Investments Launches Sports Betting & iGaming ETF, Advise Video Games Investment+

Roundhill Investments launched its Roundhull Sports Betting & iGaming ETF on Thursday. The niche exchanged-traded fund gives a chance for investors to invest in sports betting and online casinos. Investments in sports betting and casinos rose since the reopening of casinos in Las Vegas in the first week of June.

Roundhill Investments, an investment adviser and ETF sponsor, providing solutions for thematic and sector-specific investing. The company offers expertise for investors planning to place their bets on esports and sports betting. The company’s NERD ETF exposes investors to esports and digital entertainment by ensuring their investments perform according to the growth of the esports market.

Roundhill Sports Betting &iGaming ETF

The company also brags its newly launched Roundhill Sports Betting &iGaming ETF (BETZ ETF), which is designed to follow the trend in the online sports betting and online casino sector. Investments in the new ETF included big-time online gaming names like DraftKings, Flutter Entertainment, Eldorado Resorts, Penn National Gaming. It also included infrastructure firms like Kambi Group and Gan.

The NERD owned around $17 million in assets, while the new ETF manages around $1.5 million in assets.

Todd Rosenbluth, head of ETF & mutual fund research at CFRA, said thematic ETFs, including those involved in cloud computing, robotics, and videogames, are attracting attention because they fit the stay-at-home mandate of the government.

The ETF head advised investors to believe in long term investment themes that utilize a small number of assets to either of the themes since reward and risk are greater.

Will Hershey, the co-founder of Roundhill, said they seek industries with secular growth, including esports and sports, betting.

Hershey explained that moving towards online betting and online casinos is a broad shift from the traditional casinos and the US. He noted that only New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada regulates online casino-style gambling despite having more than 15 states allowed online sports gambling.

Investment in esports

Figures estimated the esports industry to reach $1.8 billion by 2022. The success of esports is record-breaking. It started as multiplayer video games for fun but later earned unprecedented revenue, which surpassed gains from significant sports events in football, baseball, and basketball.

Mr. Hershey noted that the number one esports in the world, League of Legends, surpassed viewers of famous sporting events like World Series, NHL Stanley Cup Finals or the NBA Finals.

He revealed that an average of 20 million viewers watched League of Legends world finals and peaked at over 100 million in a day. The company’s ETFs help investors catch opportunities for success. The first series of esports ETF of the company divides investments for game publishers and developers, media companies streaming the games and hardware.

Roundhill’s two ETFs is expected to boost investments in sports betting and online casinos, and the sports sector. Investors are eyeing investments in these sectors as more and more people get attracted to online gaming. Experts believe that the trend to shift services to digital will continue after the pandemic. Industries will soon focus on developing technologies to provide services online.

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