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What is a Skrill?

What is a Skrill AccountSkrill is an e-wallet which allows its account holders to easily transfer money to any other account or e-wallet around the world. It was earlier known as Moneybookers but by 2013, the company had completely transitioned to the new brand name.

International transactions can be carried out easily using this method. You can use it to play in online casinos registered anywhere around the world. Skrill casinos make it easy for you to get started with playing casino games online instead of waiting for a long time for wire transfers or directly entering your card details on a casino account.

It is easy to begin using the method. You simply visit the official website and register with your details. You will receive an email requesting you to activate your account. In order to play on Skrill casinos, you will be required to register a bank account or credit card on the platform from which payments will be facilitated. Some people prefer this method of payment to avoid giving out their bank details to various Skrill casinos online or to any other online website.

How To Choose a Skrill Casino?

There are a number of Skrill casinos online that have a good reputation and can offer good casino experience. It is important that you know how to find such a casino suitable for your playing requirements. Some of the factors that you must consider when picking a Skrill casino are:

1. Will you be eligible for a welcome bonus?

Skrill and Neteller are two methods of payment which are often excluded from receiving the welcome bonus. If you decide to join an online casino because of the new player bonuses, then you must first head to the bonus terms and conditions and check if users of these payment methods are eligible for the bonus. If your account is not eligible for the bonus, then you can register with the casino, but you must not expect the welcome bonus.

top skrill online casinos2. Are there any withdrawal limits?

Many casinos have withdrawal limits pertaining to the amount of winnings that you can cash out in a day, a week or a month. If you are an avid player and intend to bet significant sums of money and cash out big sums as well, then you must check for withdrawal limits to figure out if there would be a problem when it comes to withdrawals of big sums of money. While they may not directly affect your Skrill account, it will make a difference in the casino you pick.

3. How long does it take for withdrawals to be credited to your account?

Go through customer reviews and check if there are problems with withdrawals. Delayed withdrawals can negatively impact your experience with a casino and it may even affect future play in those casinos. Check if the casino you plan to register with has a good history when it comes to ease of withdrawal of winnings.

4. Are there any specific bonuses or promotions?

If you use a Skrill account for your deposits in the casino, then some casinos may offer personalized promotions and bonuses for Skrill groups. Check if a casino offers such bonuses or not before you register. You can either go through customer reviews or talk directly to the customer support to find out about the casino policies for account holders. This way, you will also get to figure how good the customer support team is and if there are promotions available on the casino for this payment method’s users.

Skrill Charges

Skrill charges include the following:

  • Currency conversion – If your transaction requires a currency change, then a fee of 3.99% will be levied.
  • Dormant accounts – It is free if you use the Skrill account for transactions once in every 12 months or else you incur a charge of EUR 5.0 from your funds.
  • Making a deposit – To send money from your account, you incur a charge of 1.45%.
  • Withdrawals – To withdraw money from your account, you are charged a fee which will vary on the method of payment to which the funds are transferred. Withdrawals to your bank account are charged a flat fee of EUR. 5.50. Withdrawal to a VISA card has a 7.5% fee and Withdrawal to a mobile wallet has a 1.45% fee – the minimum being EUR 0.50. Withdrawals to the Skrill Mastercard carry a fee of 1.75%.

Who Can Use a Skrill Account?

Who Can Use a Skrill AccountSkrill payments and deposits are very easy. They are used by individuals as well as business owners around the world to smoothly carry out transactions across borders at lower costs. There are no special requirements to start using it except the fact that you should have a valid bank account for payments to go through and withdrawals to be made.

The UIGEA regulations prohibit American users to make deposits or withdrawals from any of the online gambling merchants. So such account holders in the US may not be able to take advantage of using their account for online casinos.

The fact that this method secures your payment details and reduces the chances of credit card fraud makes it an ideal method payment for casinos. Keeping in mind that online credit card frauds can happen easily, many casino players find it more secure to have a single e-wallet like this one, where their credit card details are stored. For playing on any of the casinos, they do not have to divulge their credit card details. Instead, they simply enter their account details.

How to Use Skrill for Casino Payments & Deposits?

How to Use Skrill for Casino Payments & DepositsOnce you are registered, you can deposit funds using many different methods of payment. The most common one is to use a credit card. A charge of 1.9% is levied for processing credit card payments almost instantly when you make Skrill deposits.

When you register your credit card on there for the first time, you will go through a verification process where the platform will charge a small amount of money to your credit to verify it. This money will be reversed to your account. After verification, you can easily make your deposits on your Skrill account.

All other ways of depositing money to your account may be somewhat lengthier. If you use wire transfer, for example, then it will take 2-4 business days for the platform to process the payment, so it reflects in your wallet. This method, however, does not involve any transaction fees.

When your wallet has a certain sum of money which can be used in a casino, you can start playing on the Skrill casino by using your this method of payment. This is possible only on casinos that accept it.

How to Withdraw Winnings Through a Skrill Account?

how to withdraw winnings through skrillDepending on the Skrill casino you use, all you need to do is go to your account section and from the withdrawals section, choose that as your withdrawal option. The winnings will be transferred almost immediately or in a few hours at the most.

After your winnings have been transferred to your account, you have a number of ways to transfer it to your account. You can get the funds transferred to your debit or credit card, but it involves a transaction fee and would take about 3 to 5 days for the transfer.

If you are a regular Skrill casino user, then you can request a related Mastercard, which will allow you to use the card just like any other ATM card. This is considered to be one of the easiest methods of withdrawing funds using this payment method.

It is good to have your account verified before you begin playing at casinos this will make sure that you can eventually transfer big sums of money without facing delays. Based on your activity you may even be eligible for accessing VIP services through your Skrill account. This allows faster transfer and withdrawal of funds.

Should You Use Skrill for Online Casinos?

Should You Use Such an Account for Online CasinosThis is one of the best methods of payment for online casinos because it is a secure method of conducting transactions with the casino. You do not divulge your credit card or account details directly to the casino and are able to enjoy easy transfers and withdrawals.

While you are probably going to lose the welcome bonus offered by casinos, you will still find yourself enjoying several other bonuses and promotions for Skrill payments users.

Since many welcome bonuses may include several terms and conditions, you may not lose out on the long run, especially since your payments will go through faster and withdrawals can be completed with relative ease as well.