Spain Restricts Online Gambling Add Amid Online Gaming Boom

Spain’s Council of Ministers, through the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, told gambling operators to restrict marketing advertisements. The restriction aims to prevent problem gamers from overexposure to gambling.

The move came out while the online gaming industry is gaining influence from millions of people trapped by the imposed government lockdowns.  The restrictions aim to protect problem gamers from people who might abuse their addiction and anxiety.


Spain restricted online gambling add

Pablo Iglesias, Spain’s Second Deputy Prime Minister, said that they adopted the order in a confinement context to protect the gamblers.  The government lockdown is scheduled to end on April 2 but is subject to extension based on the transmission rate update of their healthcare unit.

The government decided the restrictions after calls from addicted gamblers to problem gambling groups increased since the government lockdowns were implemented.

Another factor considered was the report of the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) gambling regulator, which said that online gambling activities continue to attract clients despite the shutdown of major sports events that they usually place their bets.  Online gamblers found an alternative in casino or poker.

Government restriction applies to all forms of media, including television, radio, and online. Exemption during hours from 1 am-5 am, as written in last month’s proposed online gambling advertising rules, were given for the airing of the add.  Before the announcement of the restrictions, nine of Spain’s gaming operators expressed their support to the fight against Covid-19 by pledging their full cooperation.

The operators announced that they would do everything to secure the jobs that have been affected by the virus. Gambling operators in the whole of Europe united to promote safe gambling.  Recently, the trade groups issued guidance to be followed for safer online gambling and responsible advertising during events like cholera and covid-19.


Millions play online gaming while at home quarantine

Spain’s restrictions came out timely to the boom of the gaming industry all around the globe.  Online gaming acted as a diversion for people trapped at home during lockdowns.  Quarantines canceled almost every entertaining event across the globe. Mobile phones and gaming apps became people’s refuge to kill boredom.  Some stayed a long time in social media, while others play in online gaming like online casinos.

Two Spanish players went viral after they took the excitement of football in their FIFA 20 game.

The players decided to air their game after their actual match was canceled. Their game gathered a vast digital crowd, which shows the growing influence of the digital gaming industry.

The game between Borja Iglesias and Sergio Reguilon in FIFA 20 videogame was seen by more than 60,000 fans worldwide.

A person quarantined in China for two weeks, Yang An, said that online gaming made her feel less depressed while she was in quarantine.

Verizon reported that the gaming traffic in their network increased by 75% within a week of quarantine. Game developers also rushed to release new games during the lockdowns.

Rockstar Games recently released their game “Red Dead Redemption,” a wild west-themed online game and promised that their servers would stay online through their global workforce working in their homes.


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