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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 97%
Min Bet: 0.25
Max Bet: 50
Reels: 5
Additional Details:
Paylines: 27
Software Provider: Microgaming
Slot Type: Video Slot
Theme: Space
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Supernova Slot Review

Space is one of the natural features which has a tranquil beauty. The Supernova casino slots machine from Microgaming offers an entirely different gaming experience where a player will enjoy the seamless space visuals.

Once you look at this game, its outstanding design will immerse you in this beautiful world where no one will feel the joy you are experiencing. Supernova comes with see-through reels which allow a player to enjoy the fantastic space backdrop.

Get Immersed in the Supernova Space

Supernova comes in a simple and entertaining space-themed slot video game. The game is different and unique in Microgaming’s development history. The game offers a 3×3 grid and 5×5 grid which makes the game a unique one in the slot games market.

The game provides gamblers with 27 ways in which they can win on their stake. This reels layout is so unique and different, where a player begins the game with three distinctive reels at first.

supernova welcome screen

The game uses stars and swirling atoms which are of different colors. You activate or open the inactive reel grids when you get winning combinations. The symbols used are few, hence easier for a player to land winning combinations.

Its visuals and controls are excellent, and the sounds are calming, thus making the playing session to be heavenly. The winning combos can land the bettor prizes of up to 500 coins.

The amount is fair, and anyone can play the game from high-rollers to newbies. Its bet stakes are affordable, and the results are marvelous in the event of a win.

How to Play Supernova Slots?

When a gambler opens the game’s screen, they will be introduced by the unique 27 paylines. For online casinos, players can test the game for free of charge. If you need to immerse yourself into space, you need to have money for you to purchase the coins which you can use for your stakes.

On the video game screen, you will see three atoms, three supernovas, and a wild symbol. On the right-hand side of the gaming window, there are two-rows of wormhole characters on the reels. The wormhole doesn’t pay anything.

Now, let’s get into the game, a player needs to set their particular bet amount. A player needs to click on the “Total bet” to select the amount of bet they need to place on their spin. The bet amounts in supernova slots are between 0.25 and 50.

The total bet option is at the bottom of the gaming screen. Once you have set your bet amount, you can click on the “spin” button on the screen which has a “rotate” icon which represents spin.

Supernova from Microgaming also comes with an autoplay option. If you want to play your spins uninterrupted, you can use the “autoplay” option where you can spin multiple times with no interruption.

When you get wins on the left-hand side reels, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd reel generate multipliers on the right reels. The multipliers are either, two, three, five or ten. If you get a multiplier on the first reel, then the second reel can give you multipliers on your wager.

supernova paytable

The wins are combined throughout the game. If you manage to get ten and five multipliers in the left-hand reels, your stake will be fifty times more. If you land a wormhole, then your winning streak is over.

The game has a “fast play” feature which is on the bottom left corner of the game. It assists a player in generating multiple spins in a shorter duration. The aim of reducing the spinning duration is to create higher wins during the game.

The feature can stop when it hits the set bet amount or when the stake is below your selected betting amount. On the bottom of the game’s window, there are different elements like the coin balance, bet value, bet levels, and the wins generated.

It has a “settings” button where a gambler can tune the game’s settings. The sound effects and music in the game are on another level. It improves your whole mystical space gaming experience.

For you to play the game also, you need to make a minimum of $25 in your account apart from bank wire transfers and Bitcoin deposits. There is also a maximum limit of $1000 to any account apart from members using these two methods.

The withdrawal process, however, might take longer which if possible, should speed up. A client has to wait for four days for the verification process to take place. A bettor can only withdraw via traditional methods like MasterCard’s, Visa or bank transfer.

Bonus and Special features in Supernova Slot Game

One unique thing about this game is its lack of bonus features. However, there are special gaming symbols and multipliers, which can increase your winnings. They keep appearing all through your gameplay.

It also doesn’t have a jackpot which attracts a lot of players to different casino slot games. The Supernova slots game special features include:

  • Multiplier

Lucky combinations on the left-hand side reels will determine how your multipliers in the game will look like after each spin. If the victorious arrangements occur on the first three reels, the fourth reel will be activated.

supernova multiplier feature

It hopefully means that the gambler is capable of landing auspicious multipliers. If this is the case, the fifth reel will become active and probably generate another multiplier which will boost the winning combination. If the black-hole appears, you won’t get further rewards, apart from those in the successful combos.

  • Wild Symbols

Wild characters appear on the game’s first three reels; however, they don’t have multipliers. Native features help in replicating symbols on the grid to assist in getting winning combinations. These features make it possible for pay-outs to occur quickly and easier. The wild card symbol is in the form of a glowing element.

Due to the limitation in features and fewer reels, the player needs to be watchful and very strategic on hitting victories. Ensure you use all available playing options on the user interface to improve your winning chances. These include the autoplay and fast play options.

Superb Gaming Theme and Design

The primary impression matters a lot. When you open that slot machine game and supernova offers a simple and clear gaming face. It makes it attractive and only focuses on giving players amazing prizes during their gameplay.

The graphics are also outstanding, and the sight is so mesmerizing to a player. When playing, you feel like you are in the space, which is the design of the backdrop of the game.

If you look keenly at the plan, you will feel like you are at the center of a universal galaxy. The background has swirling and intergalactic clouds which are between the purple skies.

supernova multiplier win

The symbols in use in the Supernova casino game represent the stars and galaxies in the universe. The right two reels contain black holes and bet multipliers that are stylish. The name of the game is at the top of the game’s screen.

At its bottom, a player will find the different options and controls they need to play the game. The primary colors in the game are white and gold. All the developer wanted to deliver was a simple and immersive game.

Well, now you can easily talk to customer care during your gameplay, depending on the casino where you’re playing. There is a live chat icon that is on the right margin of the game. The image is in light blue and very small to avoid interrupting the game. It’s hard for you to miss the icon, and once you open it, there is a telephone number that you can use to call the customer service agents at any time of the day.


Who doesn’t love adventure and unique slot games? The Supernova casino slots game from Microgaming is an outstanding video game that offers a different gaming approach in the slots world.

A player begins with three reels which expand as you keep winning to a maximum of five reels. You can enjoy the fantastic rewards which the game will give you from the tremendous multipliers.

This game allows a bettor to enjoy the impressive pay-outs no matter the amount of bet amount they stake. Enjoy the space-themed game from all your devices thanks to the different online casinos.

Where Can I Play Supernova Slots Online?

Are you looking for online casinos or where you can play Supernova slots? The developer designed the game using sophisticated coding language, which makes it easily accessible from different devices. You can play the game from your mobile devices and also PCs.


Should I Hope for Big Wins from Supernova ?

Some players report Massive Winnings made from betting on Supernova . To learn more about how much you can win from this slot, check out our review.

What’s the Best Place to Play Supernova at?

Many casinos offer both a demo and real-money play for Supernova . You can check out our top pick based on the Safest Gambling Environment and Fastest Withdrawals of Winnings.

Can I Play Supernova from My Country?

Gaming providers, just like casinos, require licensing and might be restricted in some countries. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible to play the Supernova slot, visit our page and tap the Play button to test it. If your country is accepted, you’ll be able to start the game.

What is the Minimum Age to Play Supernova ?

The usual age for playing slots is 18+. But if you play in demo mode, there are no restrictions, unless you’re in the UK. UK residents under the age of 18 can only watch videos of the slot in action.

Are There Free Spins at Supernova ?

Free spins are one of the best bonuses you can land when you get certain combos. On our Supernova review page, you can see all the features and winning combinations to aim for to get the best experience.


Play Supernova at The Best Online Casino Selected By Our Team!

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