Best Swedish Online Casinos 2020

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Online Gambling in Sweden

The list of great Swedish online gambling sites to go on is long. But there are some casinos better than others. For our Swedish visitors, we’ve compiled a collection of the top Sweden online casinos based on how user-friendly, fun to play they are, their promotions and the diversity of payment methods they accept.

When gambling as a resident of Sweden, you’ll have to choose from online and land-based casinos. Swedish online casino gambling has become increasingly popular due to its convenience. You can have tons of fun at the slots or at the table games, including participating in live-dealer games right from the comfort of your home.

The best Swedish casino providers also offer mobile casino capabilities so that you can play on-the-go. Stuck in traffic? No problem, pass the time with a few small bets that can yield great joy.

We’ve worked hard to make a list of some of the best Swedish casino venues available online. There is a significant distinction between local operators compared to European casinos, Canadian casinos, and so on. Sweden has its own licensing authority that monitors casino operators based locally and foreign operators who want to offer a brand that accepts Swedish residents.

In that sense, you can join a Swedish online casino if it has been licensed by the gambling authorities in Sweden. It can be based abroad. The only requirement is for it to possess a license that allows it to operate on the territory of Sweden.

Find The Best Swedish Casino

One Example Of An Excellent Swedish CasinoThere are several factors that a Swedish online casino should cover if it is to be considered one of the best. Several factors that would help it to cover our strict requirements for a safe and secure casino where you’ll be able to have fun and enjoy an adventure like no other.

The first of the all-important factors is language accessibility. It is really important for Swedish players to be able to access the online casino in their native language since it is really specific. Of course, this adds a level of comfort and confidence, as well.

The second really important thing to look for when joining a casino from your location are the deposit and payment methods. They need to be diverse. The casino that wants to attract Swedish players needs to accept enough payment methods like e-wallets, bank transfer, and credit and debit cards.

This is necessary because regulations for one Swedish online casino require that withdrawals should be made through the same method used for making payments. Players need to have the ability to choose the best method for them.

Another factor you should look out for is the Customer Support. It is always better to have customer support in your native language, so look for the availability of that when signing up in a Swedish casino.

Last but not least is the availability of a Swedish license, although it is not forbidden to play at online casinos without one, as long as they accept players from your location.

All other factors discussed in our ranking methodology are also applicable to every Swedish casino. When choosing a casino from our list, be confident that you’re choosing a venue that has been thoroughly vetted and carefully selected.

swedish casino bonusesTo Give an Example
One great example of a superb Swedish casino venue is the Unique Casino that we’ve reviewed and have been quite impressed by its offer and opportunities for gamblers. Go check out the review or browse through our list. The place for top fun gaming awaits!

Swedish Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses will definitely vary from casino to casino. Usually, the best bonuses will be the matching ones and the no deposit bonuses. Keep in mind that most European casinos operate in the Euro currency, others use the dollar. Their bonuses will be displayed in one of these currencies in the common case.

With the Swedish casino you choose, you need to make sure it accepts the Swedish Krona. The minimum deposit to get a bonus might vary depending on your currency and the current exchange rate, but usually, values are fixed.

Read our reviews and bonus pages to discover the best Swedish casino for you and your gaming appetite!

Regulatory Specifics in Sweden

Our list of top recommended Swedish casino providers is carefully managed to reflect the reality of which casinos are licensed and regulated, and are legal to play at if you’re located in Sweden.

Regulatory Specifics in SwedenCurious Fact
A good illustration of how popular gambling is in Sweden, here’s a figure that might be surprising to some, but not so much to others. The Swedish gambling market is divided between various gambling and betting types. But 24.3% of it in 2017 (from when is the most current statistical information available) has been held by Swedish casino operators without Swedish permits. This is an increase of 7.8% compared to 2016.

Despite the regulatory trickiness and lack of permits, online gambling in Sweden has accounted for the biggest growth in the gambling market there in 2017. What’s most stunning is that gamblers in Sweden are not worried to join an online Swedish casino without a permit if it promises opportunities and fun! It is not illegal to play there.

This shows from the numbers. In 2017, gross gaming revenue generated by licensed operators amounted to 4.8 billion SEK or nearly 440 million Euros. In comparison, gross gaming revenue generated by operators without a permit in Sweden amounted to 5.5 billion SEK or more than 550 million Euros, which is 14.7% more than in 2016.

This goes to show that Sweden has a huge appetite for gambling, even though Swedes spend most of their disposable income at Swedish online casino operators with permits.

Swedish Online Casino – With or Without Permit

swedish casino online with or without permitWe’ve created a list of reliable Swedish gambling sites, mainly with permits, popular among Swedish residents. Sweden is a huge gambling market, and if you’re looking to join it, you should consider both options. The difference comes from the restrictions applied to Swedish authorities to those gambling sites with permits. These include but are not limited to:


  • Casino operators working with Swedish clients cannot accept players under 18 years.
  • Bonuses to Swedish players can be offered only once, even if they play across different brands of the same operator.
  • Withdrawals are restricted to the same method and service provider used for making a payment.
  • Players should be able to wager in SEK and Sweden-friendly casino websites must be available in Swedish.

Players, in general, do not bear legal responsibility when they choose to join a casino that has not been licensed in Sweden. The only prerogative of choosing a permit-holder instead of an unlicensed casino is to have the Swedish law on your side in case of serious problems.

Otherwise, you are free to play at the biggest venues, even if they don’t hold a Swedish license. To ensure the safety of your gambling experience, though, we advise you always select casinos that have been licensed by the major authorities of Malta or the UK.

Gambling in Sweden and Taxes

In general, Swedish gamblers do not need to pay taxes on their winnings. On the other hand, operators that have been licensed in Sweden, need to pay an 18% tax on the proceeds from Swedish gamblers.

It is not quite clear whether your payment experience and gambling will be affected by the fact that the casino operator will have to pay tax. Also, we always advise our visitors to carefully research the tax laws of their country of residence so that there are any unpleasant surprises in terms of tax paying.

Where Do Swedish Players Go for Resources?

Where Do Swedish Players Go for ResourcesThey come here. Not to brag, but we’ve been in touch for a long time with Swedes. We try to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about casinos and gambling in the country so that you can play with confidence and never bother with the details.

Bookmark The10BestOnlineCasinos and visit us regularly to learn about the latest promotion and best bonuses for Swedish gamblers. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch the best and juiciest gifts of Sweet Lady Luck!

Be Responsible, Be Safe

Responsible Gambling is the key to enjoying your experience as a player. We’ve discussed the topic before but you shouldn’t take it lightly. If you feel like it, you should definitely reach out for help.

Remember to be sensible when playing so that you’ll enjoy only the positive aspects of gambling as a hobby and out-of-hours activity. Never bet more than you can afford. Always make sure you pay your bills and allocate your budget before sparing money for gambling.

be responsible be safeImportant!
Never bet on credit! Never gamble money you don’t own or have!

If you feel like things are getting out of hand, seek help and advice. Gamblers Anonymous and Gambling Therapy are two great sites you can use a starting point to help you get out of the trenches of gambling.

Remember, playing slots and winning great hands at card games is all about having fun. It should never become a burden, regardless of your location. As a Swedish resident, you’ll be able to get help through European communities and sources, including the ability to join support groups in Sweden.