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Game RTP %
Game Music
Game Design
Slot RTP: 96.52%
Min Bet: 0.10
Max Bet: 100
Reels: 5
Additional Details:
Paylines: Cascading Reels
Software Provider: Play’N GO
Slot Type: Video Slot
Theme: Sweets, Candy
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Sweet Alchemy Slot Review (by Paly’N GO)

Relish in the delightful Sugary Treats of the Sweet Alchemy! Play the slot game of Sweet alchemy by Play’N GO and savour the taste of victory like never before! Sweet Alchemy, as the name suggests, comes with the theme of the Sugary delights.

sweet alchemy slot welcome screen

The game looks similar to the game of Candy Crush and a lot of elements take inspiration from that game. The logo of the game features a beautiful alchemist in lovely pink attire holding a long Candy Stick and a green book.

The game is colourful and flavourful, so let’s begin it without wasting much time!

Sugary Basics of the Sweet Alchemy Slot

Sweet Alchemy slot is a video slot game that comes with 5×5 grids. Just like in Candy Crush, the winning clusters disappear after rewarding the players and form the way for the above symbols to take the place.

The game comes with cascading wins which then add to form the cluster symbols to give you payouts. But before you begin your game, use the control panel to adjust your game settings. The Control Panel comes with the following options:

Quick Betting Panel: A betting panel option with different standard bets is given for players to set their bet. These ranges from 0.10 to 100, which makes the 100 as the maximum bet per spin.

Spin: Spin button can be used to set the reels in motion each time they come to stop.

Auto Play: Autoplay option is used to spin the reels continuously for a predetermined number of times.

The Sweet Alchemy slot game can be played from different devices as per players’ convenience. The devices available for players to access include smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops. The devices can come with different operating systems of Android or iOS or Windows for the players to access the game.

sweet alchemy slot win

Sweet Symbols of the Sweet Alchemy Casino Game

Sugary Candies form the symbols on the reels and pay you sweetly when you land them in the appropriate combos. These Candies come in different shapes and colours.

These include a golden star candy, a red heart-shaped candy, a pink leaf-shaped candy, a reddish-pink round candy, dark blue rhombus-shaped candy, green cashew-shaped candy, purple pyramid-shaped candy and blue mint-like candy. Each of these candy symbols presents lucrative bonuses.

The golden star candy, red heart candy, a pink leaf candy, and a reddish-pink round candy are the high-value symbols of the game. The dark blue candy, green cashew candy, purple pyramid candy and a blue mint-like candy are the low valued symbols of the game.

The White Candies with coloured stripes on them are the Wild symbols of the game. These are known as Striped Wilds in the game. There are also round chocolate-shaped candies with coloured dots on it and hence it is known as Dotted Wilds in the game.

Regular Wilds come with white candy with different colours swirled on it. You will even come across coloured Elixirs further in the game which will be discussed in the Bonus features part.

Bonus Features of the Sweet Alchemy Slot Machine

Sweet Alchemy slot machine has some of the dynamic bonus features which are sure to rise the sugar-levels in the game. Let’s find more about these features below.

Golden Star Candy: Land eight or more of these to earn 45 coins instantly. These are the highest paying symbols of the game.

Red Heart Candy: For eight or more of these candies, you will earn 30 coins.

Pink Leaf Candy: These pay similar to the Red Heart Candies. So for eight or more of these candies, you will earn 30 coins.

Reddish-pink Round Candy: For eight or more of these symbols, you will earn a payout of 22.50 Coins.

sweet alchemy slot wilds feature trigger

Sugar Rush Meter: The winning symbols of the game add to the Sugar Rush Meter which can be seen on the screen. You need to fill this Sugar Rush Meter to win the special Wilds symbols. Sugar Rush Meter is designed to reset after completion of each game round. The symbols added to the Sugar Rush Meter correspond to winnings. These include:

6 Symbols: With six symbols in the Sugar Rush Meter, 2 of them convert into the Regular Wilds. These Wilds produce more of the winning clusters.
13 Symbols: With 13 symbols on the Sugar Rush Meter, 2 of them convert into Striped Wilds. Striped wilds make all the symbols on their rows/columns to disappear creating a way for new symbols to take place of the old symbols.

25 Symbols: With 25 symbols on the Sugar Rush Meter, 2 of them convert into Sprinkled Wilds. Sprinkled wilds are responsible for removing all the candies that come in a certain type and then new symbols replace them.

38 Symbols: With 38 symbols on the Sugar Rush Meter, players activate the free “Mix the Elixir” round.

Mix the Elixir Round: Here players will get 9×9 grid wherein they are required to collect reward-winning clusters. These clusters also come with two specific candies which when collected activate the bonus feature. Next, players get three spells from the alchemist which increases the players winning opportunities. These spells include:

Mixed Candy Spell: Mixed Candy Spell mixes the candies on the reels.

Sweet Surprise Spell: Sweet Surprise Spell is capable of turning around 7 to 12 candies into Wilds.

Sugar Bomb Spell: As the name suggests, Sugar Bomb Spell blows up 7 to 15 candies and create spaces for new symbols to land.

sweet alchemy slot free rounds feature trigger

Chocolate-Covered Bonus Round

Chocolate-Covered Bonus round is triggered when players gather two different types of candies. Once triggered, players are required to pick chocolate pips. Players will be picking chocolate pips till they release 3 similar elixirs. These elixirs reveal the bonus prize of players.

So this bonus round comes with three different levels in the game. Each of these levels presents you with bigger prizes chances. These vary from 2 to 10 times of the players’ bet.

Players need to play this bonus round at least 3 times to unlock the feature of the Treasure chest. This Treasure chest avails players with a massive win of up to 15% of their total winnings. This 15% winning is calculated from the time since the chest was unlocked last!

Theme & Design of the Sweet Alchemy Slot Game

Sweet Alchemy casino game comes with the theme of the Sugary Delights and takes the inspiration from the popular Candy Crush game. You will find similar Candy symbols on the reels as in case of the Candy Crush game.

The entire gaming set up is delightfully lit up with the different candies, cute little alchemist and other elements of the game. The background of the game comes in plain blue to purple colour on which the creamy grid is placed. On this grid, players can find different candy symbols moving up and down.

The graphics of the game are splendid giving the game a lavish and joyous look. The music of the game is simple and you will find the alchemist saying out loud the bonuses you win.

sweet alchemy slot free rounds


The Sweet Alchemist slot game is amazingly designed and has a lively touch to it. The game doesn’t have any paylines but features some of the amazing bonuses to be won along the way. The simple symbol combinations too can help you win awesomely.

The game has a deep influence of the candy crush game which makes it looks like players are playing two games at the cost of one. The RTP of the game is 96.52%.

Overall, the game is playable for you will not only enjoy the features but also have chances to win enticing rewards.

Play Sweet Alchemy Online

A Sweet Alchemy free play is probably every sweet tooth’s dream when gambling online. You can enjoy the slot for free and just for fun right here in our slots room! If you want to grab some of the sweet rewards on your bets and play for real money, just sign up for a reputable casino, and let the fun begin!