Welcome to the Terms & Conditions of The10BestCasinosOnline.com. All operations, actions, and behavior on part of The10BestCasinosOnline.com and its visitors are subjected to the following Terms & Conditions (referred to as the Terms), so please make yourself acquainted with them.

1. Definitions Used In the Following Terms

  • The10BestCasinosOnline.com is referred to as Website.
  • Visitors, individuals, organizations, companies or other parties using and visiting The10BestCasinosOnline.com are referred to as User(s).
  • The Company operating the Website is referred to as the Owner or The10BestCasinosOnline.com.
  • General terms and conditions, policies, and guidelines for use are referred to as Terms.
  • Information submitted by the User or gathered by the Website is referred to as Data.
  • Short piece of data stored on your computer and sent by the Website when you’re browsing is referred to as Cookie.
  • Personal Data handling and processing laws are referred to as Data Protection Laws.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 is referred to as GDPR.
  • Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002/58/EC, with two amends in effect – of 2006 and 2009, is referred to as EU Cookie Law.

2. Basic Terms of Use

  • By entering the Website, the User agrees with the applied Terms and confirms to understand and stick to these Terms.
  • Access is restricted to any User under the legal age of 18 or the legal age in the User’s country in regard to online gambling. The higher age limit is taken into consideration.
  • The Owner of the Website is not liable for accuracy and updates of the published information, even though we strive to provide the most accurate, authentic, and up-to-date information.
  • The Website is not liable under any circumstances for possible losses or damage due to the use of the published content. The Website provides content only for informational purposes. The Website cannot be held accountable for any negative effects that come from Users’ actions based on the information they’ve read.
  • The Website is not liable for the actions Users take upon reading the provided content. We do not provide a 100% guarantee that all of the information will be error-free at all times. As such, the Website is not liable for losses or dissatisfaction ensuing from using the Website. No compensation can be requested from the Website or the Owner, the sole remedy for damages being to stop using the Website.
  • The Website contains links leading to external third-party websites. These external websites provide content that is not under the command of the Website and the Website is free of any liability for said third-party content. By accessing these third-party websites, the User agrees to the third-party policies and Terms and Conditions.
  • The Website uses various tools and solutions to provide a better browsing experience. By visiting and using the Website, the User agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the technical providers we use. For further reference, read section 4. Cookie Policy & Technical Parameters of the Website.
  • It is the User’s responsibility to check, understand, and adhere to the active legal requirements of the Website and third-party websites or tools.
  • The Website does not provide online gambling services. It gives only independently gathered information.
  • In case any part of the following Terms violates legislation in the User’s country, the rest of the Terms still apply.
  • In case any part of the Website and its content violates legislation in the User’s country, please inform us at [email protected] The Owner tries its best to comply with the active laws on a global scale but doesn’t have the capacity to closely monitor each country’s legislation changes.
  • The Owner retains the right to restrict access to the Website or parts of its content to Users in breach of these Terms or visiting from countries whose legislation requires it.
  • The Owner retains the right to restrict access to the Website or parts of its content to Users without prior notice upon breach of these Terms or legislation changes.

3. Copyright

All of the text and visual content provided on the Website is subject to copyright in each case unless otherwise stated. Redistributing, remastering, republishing, duplicating or any form of change and handling, except for direct link sharing with a working do-follow link, of the content or parts of it cannot be done by Users without explicitly receiving the approval of the Website and the Owner beforehand.

4. Cookie Policy & Technical Parameters of the Website

The Website uses several tools and plugins to boost performance and provide the User with the best experience when visiting the Website. For more information on their policies and Terms & Conditions, please refer to the list of technical instruments below.

  • CloudFlare – cookies and services allow us to determine your geolocation for the purpose of providing you with country-specific information that will be of the most value to you. Refer to CloudFlare’s policies here:



  • Google Analytics – cookies used from Google services allow us to determine your behavior on the Website so that we can provide you with a more fulfilling and valuable experience on the website. You can learn more about Google’s policy here:


In our work, we strive to adhere to the applicable EU Cookie Law. You can learn more about Cookies and how they are used in our Cookie Policy.

5. Privacy Policy

The presented in these Terms privacy policy applies to both the Users visiting the Website and the Website and its Owner. The privacy policy outlines how the Website collects and handles Data, including what rights Users have in terms of that Data.

The following policy covers actions taken only by The10BestCasinosOnline.com and Users regarding the Website. It does not extend to third-party external websites accessed through the Website, including but not limited to online casinos.

5.1. Data Controller

In accordance with the applicable Data Protection Law, The10BestCasinosOnline.com is the “data controller” entity that determines the manner and purpose for which Data is processed. No third-party is involved.

5.2. Collected Data

We collect the following personal and public Data when Users visit and interact with The10BestCasinosOnline.com:

  • IP Address;
  • Operating System;
  • Web-Browser Used;
  • First Name;
  • Email address.

Data is collected upon your visit and interaction with the Website in one of 2 ways:

Automatically, through additional tools and services the Website uses, including Cookies. Such Data can include IP addresses, the time and date of Users’ visits, the frequency of similar visits, how Users interact with the provided content, etc. Data that the User provides on their own through subscription or contact forms, like Email address and Name.

5.3. How Is Data Used?

  1. Automatically collected Data is used for the purpose of optimizing the Website to provide Users with a better browsing experience and interaction with Name.
  2. Data Users submit through forms is used for a point of contact with the Users. Users are not obliged to submit such Data if they do not wish to receive promotional emails, marketing materials, responses to inquiries, etc.
  3. The10BestCasinosOnline.com does not sell, rent, share or in any way distribute personal information to third-parties, companies or private entities.
  4. Personal information may be released to a legal authority should we be required to do so by law in order to comply with legal procedures.
  5. Users have the right to inquire about their Data and take action according to their rights.

5.4. Users’ Data Rights

  • Right to Access – Users have the right to request a copy of the Data stored about them at any time, request us to modify, delete or update it. The Website has the legal right to do so but can also refuse your request. If we do so, we’ll inform you why.
  • Right to Correct – you have the right to request a correction of your Data if it’s in any way inaccurate.
  • Right to Erase – you are entitled to request the deletion of your collected Data from our servers.
  • Right to Restrict Use of Your Data – you have the right to limit or completely restrict us from using your Data in any way.
  • Right to Data Portability – you have the right to request the transfer, moving or copy of your Data.
  • Right to Object – you can object to us using your Data.

5.5. How To Enact Those Data Rights?

In case Users wish to apply their rights in terms of their Data, they are encouraged to contact The10BestCasinosOnline.com’s privacy support team at [email protected] to raise their inquiries, objections, and complaints.

Users are encouraged to keep us informed of whether their personal information is changed so that we can store accurate Data.

5.6. Data Security and Retention

Data is stored on the Website’s secure servers. The stored information can be accessed only by the Website admin. We urge Users to alert us at once at [email protected] in case they suspect loss, misuse or unauthorized access to your Data.

Data is stored on the Websites’ secure servers no longer than the permitted period by law or if it is required by law to lengthen storage times. In all other cases, Data is stored only for the time necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes outlined in this privacy policy.

5.7. Third-Party Websites & Data

We review and carefully consider the external third parties that you can access through the Website. In that sense, we trust in their integrity. But our Terms and privacy policy do not extend to these or any external websites. We advise the User to carefully consider the ones applicable to the external websites they visit through The10BestCasinosOnline.com.

5.8. Change In Website’s Ownership

In case The10BestCasinosOnline.com undergoes changes in ownership due to selling parts of the Website, all of it, or through expanding the business, Users’ Data will be transferred where relevant to the business. The new owner will be allowed to use it in accordance with the outlined Terms. If such a case occurs, we will take the necessary measures to ensure your Data and privacy are protected.

6. Additional Provisions

  • Your rights under the outlined Terms and privacy policy are non-transferable on your part. We can choose to transfer our rights under the same Terms and privacy policy if there is enough evidence that your right will not be affected by that.
  • If a legal authority or a court decides any part of these Terms and Privacy Policy to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that part will be either deleted or modified accordingly. The rest of these Terms and Privacy Policy will not be affected by that decision.
  • These Terms and Conditions, as well as Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, can be changed at any time, at our own discretion, without prior notice and it is the User’s obligation to stay informed.