The Belgium Gambling World Expected To Undergo Some Modifications In Its Rules

The ongoing crisis in the world has now affected the ever-growing gambling industry, which has led to some serious decisions making actions by the concerned company. The Belgium National Authority have taken few steps following the drop in sales of approximately 30%.

Belgium’s National Lottery has observed this decrease in the sales, soon when the epidemic started taking its shape, as told to a reputable news channel by the spokesperson of the company.

The Causes

The decreasing sales are the result of lockdown and less outing. Because when people will visit less, they will likely pay less. The growing concerned outlook, as well as the uncertain environment, has developed a sense of terror and anxiety among people.

It has made their decisions uncertain, also it has affected their spending behavior. Not just that but the newspaper shops are also found open in Belgium, however, the sales percentage is decreasing to an exponential rate.

The Changes

Following these effects and decisions, Belgium’s National Lottery has announced some alterations and amendments in the rules of gambling and lottery, that will help in coping the conditions of coronavirus epidemic.

As per the amendments, the winning tickets will be valid for an extended time of 30 weeks, which was earlier just 20 weeks. The factor that influenced the change was the reality, that winners are less available for external exposure and not just that, but it is also possible that the winner might be hospitalized following the increasing number of people.

Another amendment is that winners with a ticket of sum €100,000 are allowed to get in touch with the representatives of National Lottery at the headquarters of Rue Belliard and they will be sending another representative in order to complete the collection of ticket. The headquarter at Rue Belliard is present in the European quarter. Before the amendment, winners were required to go themselves at the headquarter and then present the ticket, and further leverage the winnings.

The changed rules now permit playing all the available ten draw at once. This decision is been taken to enhance the engagement of players and possibly make them engrossed inside it to the utmost level.

The further amendments also state that the company is going to pay commission on every ticket, which will be purchased by the owners of newspaper shops or other vendors.

Before the amendments, the commission rate was as per sales. For instance, if a vendor or a shop owner sells tickets worth €100 or more than that, he was subjected to receive rewards as commissions, although the sales must have taken place in a week.

Another new amendment is that the safety instructions will be given to people through new posters. These posters will help in sharing instructions to ensure safety while playing in the houses. Even users will be able to get a monetary gift worth €50 if they will pay for gloves and hand gel.

The company is willing to take all the possible measures to ensure that players are not forced to visit a newspaper shop to get their winnings, especially when all are undergoing such major crisis, according to Joke Vermoere, who is the spokesperson of the Belgium National Lottery company.

The present number of active Coronavirus cases in Belgium are 11,004 and in such a crucial time, all the citizens need to take as many measures as possible.

The step taken by Belgium National Lottery company is quite appreciable and would prove profitable for both the gambling and lottery industry of Belgium and the citizens. The steps are taken in favour of public interest and safety, and the history of gambling in Belgium shows that it will likely revive after the conditions will get normal.

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