The Governor Of Virginia Introduces Amendments To Casino Legislation

Governor Of Virginia Introduces Amendments To Casino Legislation

In the previous month, the governor of Virginia named Ralph Northam, received two casino bills on his desk which were sent by Virginia’s legislature. These two bills were regarding the construction of five casinos in the state and to open the new market for sports betting.

However, the governor wants some amendments to be made before he declares it as a law.

The Amendments By The Virginia Governor

Ralph Northam had time till this Saturday midnight to act on these two casino bills that were HB 4 and SB 36. He had two choices either to send it back to the legislation or sign them into law. He then decided to make the amendments to the tax revenue. He wants to change how these tax revenue from the casino is passed all over the state.

According to the news by Bristol Herald Courier, Ralph Northam wants the state’s bulk revenue to help and support the construction in various public schools. The governor’s amendments in the provision of the bill state that around two-thirds of the tax revenue from sports betting and casinos will be directed to the federal fund.

Carter Hutchinson is the deputy policy advisor for Ralph Northam. According to him, he will be going to change the language so that the funding goes to renovation, repair and school construction. The language will be broad enough so that the casino won’t be able to begin for at least a couple of years or more.

About Next General Assembly

On April 22, both the chambers of the general assembly will have to join to work for the rest of the legislative sessions. Both chambers of the general assembly will not be allowed to change the modifications that are made by Ralph Northam. It will be straight away yes or no vote to the bills. It means that it will be a quick vote for the bills in the general assembly.

If these casino bills are passed by the general assembly, then they will become a law. After that local communities can get a chance to vote at the time of the November referendum. Both of these bills would enable the major five cities including Danville, Bristol, Richmond, Norfolk and Portsmouth to vote on building a casino in their city.

A survey was done in 2019 by the Review Commission and Virginia’s Joint Legislative Audit. As per the survey, the tax revenue could top 900 million dollars over a period of five years, if a casino is constructed in each of these five cities. The survey also concluded that a casino in Bristol could generate 15 million dollars in terms of tax revenue for the state along with 7.8 million dollars for the city.

According to one of the patrons of the legislative named Todd Pillion, this project will be approved through the local votes and assure a positive impact on the local community. He also said that the revenues should be employed for the benefit of roads, schools and public safety. He will also go through the final implications of the amendments.

The local business leaders namely Clyde Stacy and Jim McGlothin in Bristol have many plans to bring in a branded Hard Rock casino to the Bristol mall. They will continue their efforts to get this legislation passed so as to bring relief in the city and to the other four cities named in the legislation.

The government actions will not affect the ongoing planning for Hard Rock casino in Bristol. It could help to bring millions of dollars and thousands of new jobs in the local tax revenue.

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