Best Video Poker Strategy

best video poker strategyOne rule that gamblers all live by is that in games of chance, the house always has the advantage. That’s especially true for many of the video-based games that litter casino floors the world over.

Fortunately, that’s something that isn’t as applicable when you’re talking about video poker. Fact is that, with the best video poker strategy, you can find yourself winning more than losing. That’s because video poker is a mix of luck and skill with a strong leaning for the latter.

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It’s a Machine You Can Beat

One of the difficulties of other skill games in the casino is you’re going against other human opponents. Those human opponents not only have varying skill levels themselves, they are wholly unpredictable – your best poker strategy can fall flat at any moment.

Machines are different because they’re far more predictable and, therefore, beatable. You are, in fact, five times more likely to win big in video poker than you are in any other game that’s out there because you aren’t completely reliant on random chance.

Learn the Rules

learn the rules of video pokerThere might be many different variants of video poker, and each one might have their own ultimate poker strategy to win. The way they all operate is the same. Only a single 52-card deck is used each time. So the odds to get one card or the other are relatively the same.

You are prompted to first make a wager before the machine deals you five cards. You choose as many cards as you want to keep then discard the rest for a fresh draw to replace. You win by applying top poker strategy and getting one of the poker winning hands – with the Royal Flush being the highest. Much of the chances of winning comes in the smart selection of what to keep.

Master Basic Strategic Play

The first perfect poker strategy for the video iteration is to avoid guesswork and random chance. No matter what you’re dealt with, resist the urge to go random. You lose a lot of money very quickly when you go for just guesses.

Video poker is pretty fast-paced and you might not readily monitor your losses if you speed through things. At the very least, you can aim for high cards to increase your chances of a minimum win. Additionally, you can practice with many websites that offer video poker for fun.

Go for Max Bets

video poker strategy go for max betsWhat you win at video poker really boils down to how much you choose to bet. There’s usually a range for this from minimum to maximum which is usually a dollar all the way up.

Now, if you hit the highest hand – the Royal Flush – with anything other than a max bet, you aren’t going to be winning a lot. While it’s true that the odds to win that big are high, you really never know when it will come, it makes a lot more sense to keep betting big in anticipation of this.

This isn’t just a Jacks or Better strategy, it’s applicable to all video poker games.

Many people bet a minimum to “enjoy the game more”. This isn’t a sensible way to go because your potential losses versus wins are too big. If you want more time to burn on the machines, just play slower – take time to strategize.

Playing max simply opens you up to bigger chances and better wins down the line. After all, if you can’t predict when a Royal Flush comes, may as well be prepared. If there’s one strategy to memorize, it’s this one.

It’s effective whether you’re applying it as a Deuces Wild strategy or something more general.

Pick The Best PayTable

video poker strategy pick the best paytableUnlike other machines and games, you get an idea of how much you can win with video poker. It’s certainly a great incentive to apply the best poker strategy that you can muster.

Now, no two paytables are the same and it is very important that you choose the best pay table that you have available to you. A lot of this will depend on the profit margin that a casino expects with a particular table.

Most average a house edge of 3 percent on each time you play on a machine.

This can vary leaving you with between machines that offer a 97% return all the way up to around 99.50%. You want to apply your ultimate poker strategy on machines that give a higher percentage for you.

If you think that these numbers are negligible, if you choose the 97% machine, you’re likely to lose your money six times faster on machines like that. So, ultimately, you can increase your chances if you go for the “right” machine from the get-go.

Slow Yourself Down

When you’re finally seated down, resist the urge to treat the video poker machines like slots. That is to say, don’t keep feeding it in as fast a pace as you can. While it’s a strong Jacks or Better strategy, it’s just as applicable to slow your pace down.

Remember that the point of video poker is that you make the casino money per play. It’s in their best interest that you play faster and more frequently. If you play into this – taking into consideration the odds – then you will lose a lot.

Slowing down means taking time to look at the cards you are dealt. Slowing down means thinking about which cards you hold and which you let go of.

The point is that taking your time lets you make smarter moves. It’s especially true as a Deuces Wild strategy where it’s easy to forget that the deuces are, in fact, wild.

An additional benefit of slowing down means you know when you get tired and need to take a break. When you’re rested up is when you can come back an apply top poker strategy.

Learn Playing Strategies

Many a best poker strategy when it comes to video poker goes down to decision making when you’re actually playing. While it’s certainly impossible to take a look at every scenario, you can study a few that leave many players in a conundrum.

After all, making the right decision in certain situations will determine if you win at video poker or not.

Scenario 1: Royal Flush or Pocket Rockets?

royal flush or pocket rocketsLet’s say you start out with a pair of Aces. One of them is suited to a sequence that’s nearly a Royal Flush minus a Jack. The first thing that you need to learn to win at video poker is what win options are available to you.

In this case, you already have a pair. You potentially have a three of a kind, four of a kind, a flush, and – of course – that Royal Flush draw. There’s the benefit of taking things slow.

You have time to identify each of these possibilities as it appears on your screen. So what to hold?

You really have two ways to go about things here to maximize what you earn. If you hold the aces, you have a chance of ending up with 16,215 different combinations.

If you hold the Royal Flush, there are only 47 outcomes that you can expect. What differentiates ultimate poker strategy from just playing is this: it pays out more to hold for the Royal Flush.

While there’s really only one way to get that Royal Flush – draw a suited Jack – it’s made worth it by the potential payout.

Scenario 2: Small Pair or Straight

Small Pair or StraightLet’s move to a lower-stakes setup to see how top poker strategy pans out. Let’s say you have four cards primed for a straight with the last card being a pair formed from the lowest card value in the sequence.

Once again, you’re faced with, first, the decision of holding the pair and hoping for three- or four- of a kind or even a full house or holding an open straight draw. You might think that the way to go would be to go for the open straight like in the previous example. You’d be wrong.

You have a better set of odds going with the smaller pair. Why? Because the differences between the pair and straight are usually very small on most pay tables.

In this case, it’s actually the perfect poker strategy to play things a little safer by giving yourself far more options when it comes to winning. Note that this, of course, depends a lot on the paytable. Before applying the ideas in these scenarios to your game, make sure to check the differences of the pay table of the machine that you’re playing.

If the gulf is too wide and by several factors, it’s ultimately better ultimate poker strategy to hold off for the bigger win when faced with a variety of situations and permutation. This, by the way, assumes you max bet every time rather than prevaricate between one side of the wager scale to another in a relatively random fashion.

At the heart of top poker strategy is maximizing your payout. Don’t be trapped into thinking that little wins are all you need – they often balance out with the losses.

Find a Good Casino for Video Poker

Find a Good Casino for Video PokerAt first glance, much of what a Player’s Club is for is to earn consistent income for a casino. That’s really a fact, it plays into best poker strategy by offering you special bonuses that could give you an edge when you play.

Specifically, most of the best online casinos help lower the house edge cumulatively – giving you more to win especially if you max out your wagers every time you play. The key is choosing the right club to join.

Make sure to compare options before signing up.

Play Progressive… Cautiously

If you pair the perfect poker strategy with a progressive jackpot, you increase your chances of winning big. There’s a caveat here, though. More often than not, the casino will pair progressive machines with bad paytables.

So don’t just jump in at the first progressive jackpot you see. Take time to study the tables and again, go for one with the bigger payout for you.

After all, there’s no use hoping for a bigger jackpot when it isn’t lucrative overall to play. Don’t just be blinded by the promise of a bigger prize right off the bat.

Bring It All Together

bring it all togetherThere are many ways to figure out how to win at video poker. There are deeper explorations and studies, and even a whole lot of complex mathematics that can be studied.

Before you do dive into these, make sure you have the basics down to pat. We’ve covered these from long before you approach a machine, to choosing what you should run with, and even some basic strategy.

You can practice a lot of these in online video poker sites that offer the game without putting out cash – it’s worth trying. You are welcome to our lobby to test your luck and skills both, without depositing! At the end of the day, it falls on you to apply what you learn.