Top Video Slots for April, 2021

  • Zoom Slot
    Zoom Slot
  • Zeus III Slot
    Zeus III Slot
  • Yule Be Rich Slot
    Yule Be Rich Slot
  • Yokozuna Clash Slot
    Yokozuna Clash Slot
  • Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak Slot
    Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak Slot
  • Xmas Joker Slot
    Xmas Joker Slot
  • Wonder Woman Slot
    Wonder Woman Slot
  • Wolf Gold Slot
    Wolf Gold Slot

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Top Video Slots Casinos for April, 2021

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What Are Video Slots?

Video slots are the most basic casino game which can be played by just about anyone. With hardly any amount of casino experience or special knowledge needed to play the slots, it is beginner-friendly and at the same time, it has a significant customer base for seasoned players.

In early days, slot machines had a fixed set of symbols which were used on almost all machines. But in recent years, slot machines have transformed to incorporate a huge number of themes, ways of winning and jackpot opportunities.

Top video slots casinos have started adding new and advanced slot machines to attract a wider audience.

Play Free Video Slots

Playing free video slots can be a great source of entertainment. It’s engaging but with no strings attached. You’ve landed on one of the largest video slot libraries out there! If you’re just looking for some fun, you’re free to take the slots for a spin. All you need is an Internet connection!

No registration, no fees, simply press play from anywhere in the world. Our free video slots collection aims to give you a source of fun 24/7 without fees or monetary bets. Free video slots are legal and accessible, and there are no expenses involved.

The best part? You can always test the games and how they behave before actually betting on them at casinos. That’s a great way to understand the gambling setting and environment you’re entering!

Video Slots Mechanics

video slots mechanicsGone are the days when slot machines were just about cherries, plums and lemons along with the BARs and 777s. If you look at a slot machine today, you will find a huge number of variations, one being very different from others in the symbols used, the type of winnings and the different types of Wilds in a game.


Pay lines are also known as betting lines or winning lines. Modern slot machines have several paylines while traditional machines usually had a single payline. New video slots have paylines which are vertical, horizontal, and diagonal.

If you land a winning payline, you will be paid only if you had bet on it. Sometimes, you have the option to set a specific number of paylines which you would like to bet on. In other video slots, the paylines are fixed which means that you will have to bet on all paylines.

You will also find contemporary video slots that offer you the opportunity to win both ways. This means that the slot will pay you for a winning combination, whether it is from left to right or from right to left. In most cases, the games pay from left to right only.


video slots symbolsThe games use a wide variety of symbols. Many early machines used symbols from playing cards, especially the ones from number 10 to ace. In many of the video slot machines which have been built around a theme, you will find unique symbols which represent or revolve around the theme. For example, a farm theme would use farm animals for symbols while a horror house theme would use ghosts and spooky items for symbols.

The video slots have low-value-symbols and high-value symbols. To identify the high-value symbols, you must check the paytable of the machine. Other symbols available popularly on new games are:

1. Wilds – these symbols help you form a winning combination by replacing the wild with the missing symbol. There are many different types of wilds which can increase your chances of landing a winning combination. The most popular ones being:

  • Expanding wilds
  • Stacked wilds
  • Sticky wilds
  • Overlay wilds

Each of these wild symbols functions differently, allowing you to enjoy a greater chance to win money.

2. Scatter – these symbols are the only ones that cannot be replaced by Wilds. But if you land scatters, then you can either get a regular winning payout, or it can trigger bonus rounds.

3. Multipliers – these symbols give you the chance to multiply your winning by the number of times mentioned on the symbol.

4. Bonus – If you land a certain number of bonus symbols on a specific line, then you will be able to trigger the bonus rounds.

video slots themesThemes

Themes do not affect the actual gameplay, but they can be used to create an interesting and attractive video slot game. Some game developers take themes very seriously, designing the icons carefully to match the theme.

Coin Size

Every time you bet on the slot machines, you will have the opportunity to choose the betting amount by picking a coin size. The smallest coin size is 0.01. When you play free video slots, machines usually set the coin size to its minimum value.

Cluster Pay/ Cascading Reels/ Avalanche/ Tumbling Reels/ Swooping Reels

Video slots can use any of the above names to describe cluster pays. A machine featuring cluster pay will make the symbols forming the winning combination to disappear and the empty space will be filled with new symbols, which may form a winning cluster as well. If you get lucky, you can land several wins in a single spin.

video slots free spinsFree Spins & Re-spins

When you land a certain number of scatters in a spin, you become eligible for free spins. After the free spins are over, then you go back to your regular game rounds.

In a re-spin, some of the reels are locked while others will spin to give you the chance of landing a winning combination.


The re-trigger mechanism helps you re-trigger the free spin feature.

Gambling Your Winnings

You will come across the option to gamble your winnings to either win more or lose everything you just won. This feature is activated in certain video slots after you land a winning combination. Some consider it to be an additional opportunity to gain from their winnings.

An example of gambling your winnings is to get double or nothing if you land a winning combination once again.

video slots jackpotJackpots

Slot machines come with a jackpot feature. The chances of landing a jackpot are as high as the chances of landing any winning combination. Machines can have fixed or progressive jackpots.

What to Look for in Video Slot Casinos?

video slots games libraryYour video slot preferences, along with casino offerings for video slots, will play a role when you choose a casino for playing slots. While you may not require any prior knowledge to play on slot machines, you may want to find out a few things about the casino and game offerings before you register on the casino.


1. Video slot games library

Players usually end up with some favourite video slots which they have become accustomed to. If you are able to connect with a particular slot game, then you will find yourself returning to it every now and then. So when you pick from video slot casinos, you must keep in mind that the casinos have different game libraries.

Carefully go through the library to check if your favourite games are included or not. If a casino does not have the video slots that you are particularly fond of, then registering on such casinos may eventually require you to compromise on your video slot preferences.

2. Video slot bonuses for new players

Casinos usually have a lot of lucrative video slot bonuses for new players. These bonuses may be offered as a welcome package in the form of free spins, or cash offered by the casino or both. You can use these bonuses to experience different video slots and figure out how things work in the online casino before you begin using your own money to play the slot games.

If you are a slots-only person, then look for free spins being offered for new players. Make sure you check that the free spins are not limited to a single game only. This way, you will be able to explore more video slots.

3. RTP of your favourite slot machines

RTP stands for Return to Player. Machines will display the RTP on their paytables. Video slots should ideally have an RTP of 95% or more. Anything below 95% is considered too low for the slot machines.

video slots rtpA machine’s RTP denotes how much the machine is designed to return per $100. An RTP of 97% will mean that the machine is designed to pay $97 for every $100. This, however, should not be misinterpreted.

New players sometimes feel that if a video slot’s RTP is 97%, then they will win at least $97 if they bet $100. This is not true. A machine’s RTP is calculated over several hundreds of spins.

4. Opportunity to play without money to trial the games

Casinos may offer free games where you do not play with real money. There is no winning or losing in these video slots because you don’t really bet anything. If you are a new player, you will find this very helpful.

The free play version will help you get comfortable with the online casino gaming environment. It also gives you the opportunity to see the game work like it would in a real environment. You can place your bets (without real money, of course), and choose the coin value.

If you land a winning combination or any of the special symbols, then you can see how everything unfolds. It helps you get confident in the game so that you can play with real money with fewer problems about finding betting values and understanding how bonuses work.

video slots volatility5. Slot volatility

Video slots have varying levels of volatility. Slot machines with low volatility will pay more often but will pay smaller amounts while highly volatile slot machines will not pay regularly but will help you land big winnings. Since the risk is higher, the rewards are also higher. Where the risks are fewer, the rewards are smaller.

If you feel that the low volatility machines would have a considerable fan base, then you are wrong. Players love the element of risk in video slots. Small winnings take away the adrenaline rush and make the whole winning process somewhat monotonous.

Low volatility means that the machines won’t really allow you to enjoy a big win anytime during the course of your play. Video slots with high volatility, on the other hand, make gambling more interesting and attractive. Both new and established players are often attracted to the machines with high volatility because of the promise for higher winnings.

6. Automating your bets

Online casinos give you the opportunity to automate your bets so that the video slots will continue to spin in the background while you browse the internet, carry out your work, or even leave the computer.

If you land a winning combination, then the sound will let you know that you have won. You can set a limit for the number of spins, the betting amounts, etc. and let the game run without you having to keep an eye on the screen.

It is a feature you would like if you play casino games while you are doing other work as well. Check for the automation of bets before you register with a casino and begin playing video slots.

Video Slots at Mobile Casinos

Online gambling has entered the realm of mobile technologies long ago. Today, gaming developers make sure their video slots can be accessed and smoothly played using a hand-held device. The best video slots today are HTML5 optimized!

As long as the casino you sign up for is mobile-friendly, you’ll be able to play video slots at any time and from anywhere! Mobile-friendly casinos run on Android and iOS devices smoothly. To keep up with the trends, gambling software developers make sure they create high-performance video slots you can enjoy on-the-go!

We’ve made sure to shortlist for you the best mobile-friendly casinos where the video slots are plenty, run smoothly, and the fun is endless! Take your pick and join the fun!

Video Slots Payouts

How regularly video slots make payouts and how often it is possible to land a winning combination, usually depends on the variance and volatility. Low-variance video slots make regular but smaller payouts, while medium and high-variance video slots would make higher and higher payouts but less regularly. That’s important to know and understand, even though slots are games of chance, and no skills are involved.

That being said, you can still have a strategy in place to make the most out of the video slots you play. First of all, you might think you’re here for the wins, but you’re actually here for the fun. Entertainment is half the battle. It’s not worth seeking payouts from games you don’t enjoy playing.

It is common knowledge that to turn things in your favor, is to have a proper bankroll management strategy in place and make small bets but consistent winnings, to offset the house edge. But that’s not the only aspect of a successful session and consistent video slots payouts.

The programming of video slots usually indicates a house edge between 1% and 12%. If you’re after consistent, but small payouts, go for video slots with low variance, that would have a low house edge. Video slots offer huge payouts are also high-variance slots, meaning your wins would be more scarce, if bigger. The risk of burning through too much money is too big.

Another thing that’s become evident in recent years and the release of more and more new slots is that older video slots have less frequent payouts. Newer slots make payouts more frequently, and that’s done for one of two reasons:

  • Attract more new players to the new releases;
  • Make players comfortable to play more since payouts are consistent.

Themed Video Slots

themed video slotsWhen a player visits a slot machine, whether it is online or on land, then the first thing they would do is go through various game offerings to find the most suitable ones for them.

In recent years, casinos are beginning to focus on the use of technologically advanced machines which offer excellent graphics and have a theme around which the video slots are based. Lots of new and seasoned players find themes to be interesting.

They are also more likely to stay on the video slots for longer when playing on themed video slot machines. This is because some themes get pretty immersive after a certain period of time and may offer new opportunities in the form of bonuses, free spins, etc. which keep the player tied to the game.

Good animation and graphics play an important part in the themes, but some themed video slots have gained popularity even when the quality of the graphics has been poor. This may depend on how well the video slots are able to connect with the audience.

Major types of themes that you would come across on video slots are:

  • Movie slots – These are inspired by famous movies and movie characters. These can be animated movies or regular Hollywood movies. The idea is to find the most loved movie characters and put them in video slot games to attract the players.
  • Horror slots – Horror slots do well not just during the Halloween season but throughout the year. Many players love the additional element of eeriness in the video slots and are fond of horror slots.
  • Asian slots – Asian themes usually include a lot of gold in the symbols. Either the golden colour or the use of gold bars is common in Asian themes for video slots. You will also find dragons, and other symbols considered lucky in Asian cultures used in these themes.
  • Fruit slots – Fruit slots remind us of the classic slot machines long before video slots took up all the spotlight. Traditional slot machines used fruit symbols along with the 7 and BAR symbol in almost all machines. The reason why these continue to have an audience is that every now and then, people love to experience the thrill of using a classic slot machine. Fruit slots are the closest that slot casinos usually get to classic slots.
  • Mythology slots – Many video slots have mythological characters for symbols. These characters may be used from Greek, Roman, or any of the other mythologies. They would even include sounds and lights to match the look and feel of the theme.

Maximise Your Chance to Win Video Slots

big win at video slotsVideo slots don’t really have a secret code that will allow you to win on the slots. So if you find someone selling you software programs or methods through which you can win on video slots, then you should know that they are scamming you.

Video slots are designed to pay out a certain percentage of money every day. This is what the machine would display as its RTP. You may end up playing several rounds without winning anything, or you may end up playing rounds where you win very regularly.

Some call it the winning streak. The outcome is completely random on every spin, so every spin may or may not win you a jackpot.

To win big on slots, you are advised to always choose max bet for your spins on video slots. This makes sure that you are eligible for higher winnings. This still does not guarantee that you will land a winning combination. It only helps you win big if you land a winning combination.

The rest is on the machine’s software which is designed to land a specific number of winnings in a day or in an hour and payout a specific percentage through the course of the day.

You will also want to bet all the paylines instead of a few paylines only. This is because there is nothing that hurts more than to realize that a winning combination landed on a payline that you did not bet on.

Slot machines are one place where things truly depend on luck more than anything else. They do not require any analysis of the different rounds, you do not have to make any calculations in your mind and you have no control over the outcome. All you can do is make a bet and sit back to figure out if you win or not.