World Poker Tour Launches In Asia Before Launching Tournaments In America

world poker tour asia

The gambling industry is slowly recovering from the impact of the novel coronavirus. Most casinos in the US resumed operations since late-May.

Operators welcomed back guests hoping to recover losses during the prolonged lockdowns.

Europe’s gambling industry is gradually coming back to life. King’s casino brought poker back to life with a series of big-time tournaments since its reopening last month. Despite the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus, King’s casino’s tournaments will continue with its scheduled events.

The casino announced the schedule of the WPT World Championship last month. The casino held a series of qualifying events since its reopening—organizers of the event plan to launch games online and offer $100 million worth of prizes.

WPT World Championship

The World Poker Tour World Championship includes the Main Event with a prize pool of $10,300. A $25,000 WPT High Roller World Championship was scheduled. The WPT World Championship will launch a $102,000 Super High Roller event with a $5 million guarantee. The events are expected to make the poker landscape in Europe livelier after almost four months of closure.

Gambling is one of the hardest-hit industries during the pandemic. Operations of almost every gambling facilities shut down across the globe.

Asia’s gambling industry is rapidly growing. Experts saw fast recovery and growth in the region’s gambling industry. It is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

Operators and gambling event organizers are racing to participate in Asia’s gambling industry. World Poker Tour, the world’s biggest and most popular poker operations, aims at bringing professional poker gaming in every part of the world. The WPT hopes to bring live poker action back to life.

Strict coronavirus rules in the US opened a chance for poker players in Asia

US states are now imposing strict rules in gambling, both land-based and online, due to the high rate of coronavirus cases. The US allowed the operations of online gaming after the Supreme Court decided to lift the ban on the industry. It allowed US gamblers to place wagers on online poker and other online casino games.

The WPT Online Series is scheduled to host professional poker tournaments in the US this year but, due to the current gambling landscape in the country, they changed their plans and shifted their launch in Asia.

WPT, with an established foothold in the region from the last couple of years, plans to re-launch its live poker tournaments in the region. WPT has strengthened its influence and launched a series of successful events in Asia.

WPT has no announcement of on which country they will host the event, but many believe that the Philippines shall be the best choice since it is one of the biggest markets in gambling. After the events in Asia, WPT will focus its attention to live poker events in Europe.

The US will be the last venue for the live poker events based on the schedule of the organizers. Adam Piska, CEO of WPT, confirmed that they are doing everything they can to bring live poker back to life.

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